About our work

About us and our work

To keep the most authentic value of our artisan origin but, optimizing time and planning way, development and production, thanks to the integration of new technologies: this is, in short, the company policy we want to share with our customers.

To defend the specialization in the field of presses for sheet working, when, on the market everybody offers to realize everything, that means to offer solutions and machines of high quality and technologic precision. By giving importance to the versatility and practical qualities of our products, we’ve decided to develop new models suitable for the specific need of each customer, also including those machines fitted for special works.

For this reason we’ve studied a referenced catalogue where we present 12 standard models of hydraulic presses with capacity from 20 to 1000 Ton. These models want to be a starting point for developing very high personalized solutions; all this for following our policy of availability which is the ground of the artisan know-how.

The increase of our customers and production involved to concentrate us on the development of a commercial net and a very qualified customer service which is now present in Europe, USA, Arabian countries, Vietnam, India and China.

In 2005, the achievement of the certification for quality system UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, confirmed our will to face our competitors on the national and international markets, by planning the company evolution on the continuous improvement principle.


Even if the hydraulic presses for slow working only need a simple self-certification, SICMI decided to follow the way of the Official Certification in order to offer major security and quiet to the customers.

Concerning the Quality System Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, we can confirm it was an important step for our company. As we must face the national and the international markets, we considered “as essential” to adopt a system capable of growing us under the continuous improvement viewpoint.

This system concerns both the relation with the customer, starting from the commercial step to the administrative management, and planning, development and production; all essential aspects of SICMI’s working process, in order to grant the max. level of quality and reliability.