Flexibility and development

Develop highly customized models, dedicated to specific and special processes, it is an important and strategic part of our company.

Starting from the needs and problems of the customers, our technical department proceeds to the study of the most suitable solution, thus developing a high performance and reliable product.

To develop this activity, we considered it essential to integrate the knowledge and flexibility artisan experience with the speed and accuracy of the new technologies we have today.

Among the main solutions developed in these years, we should highlight the following applications:

  • Model PSL: new model realized that combines three processes: molding, bending and straightening. With an innovative system for the rapid mold change which greatly shortens time. Very complete and versatile press. 
  • Model PDL: Hydraulic presses for bending, developed in order to obtain a greater precision and ease of use compared to equivalent models offered by competitors. This was made possible by placing a particular care in the realization of the monolithic frame, the register holes and the sheet supports.
  • Model PBM: hydraulic presses with movable table with manual displacement, to work pieces of large dimensions, facilitating loading and unloading operations.
  • Models MST and MCL for the sheet molding with a good production speed. CE certified presses from Annex IV and with the highest quality in the components.
  • Model PSQ: hydraulic presses with 4 columns at low speed to test the molds and production cycles of media entities.
  • Model PRT: press to straighten mechanical tubes or rounds of different lengths. Manual movable carriages, lifter of the hydraulic tube and rotation system to more easily find the point to be straightened. The movable stanchion and load supports make the final work of straightening.
  • Model PMM: press to straighten the sheet. The most widespread and the most famous of SICMI production.
  • Several proposed solutions through the realization of special presses, which allow customized solutions for the extraction of the drive shafts. From horizontal press for printing with front slits: all the solutions to meet the specific needs of different customers that have presented in the design phase.

Other types of applications are available on individual pages related to special presses and presses for special processing. To examine them, select the models that most interest you from the product menu.